PaulBuckles’ owner, master and alpha dog… or so he’d like to believe. Paul’s stern treatment towards Buckles is meant to mold his pup into a “man’s” dog.


JillEveryone needs a mother figure, and Jill is more than willing to baby Buckles to her heart’s content.


BucklesMore of an only child with canine instincts than he is the family pet, Buckles displays all the charm, innocence, naivete and cunning of a small child discovering how to find his way through life.


FleaFlea is Buckles’ trustworthy and unseen conscience. He is not only Buckles’ confidant but also his live-on roommate.


ArdenBuckles’ backyard friend. He is not much of an accomplished bird due to his habit of oversleeping. As such, he has trouble catching the “early” worm, but he is always there for his pal when he needs him.


LesterThough crippled from hip dysplasia, Lester never lets his disability hold him back. His positive attitude lifts him up and helps him navigate the windy road of life.


RustyRusty is a street dog. Buckles looks up to him and envies his freedom off the leash. His wild life leaves a lot to be desired, but in the back alleys, that’s how he survives.


IreneBuckles’ love interest. To everyone else, Irene is an inanimate fire hydrant, but to Buckles, she is the world! The object of his undivided affection, Irene is proof that relationships are what you make them.


Jill’s niece and Buckles’ chief nemesis. Christina loves putting dresses on Buckles and having tea parties — when she can catch him.


A rude, obnoxious and dirty freeloading squirrel who lives in a tree in Buckles’ backyard. Scrappy is a pain in the neck to everyone around him. He knows it and loves it!


Buckles may be frightened of the mailman, but when it comes to the paperboy, he is ready to attack! Fortunately for the young carrier, he has a powerful throwing arm and keen aim.